Horse Motel

Our horse motel has 15 stalls with or without runs, 3 pipe corrals (30′ x 60′), and a 60′ round pen.

  • Barn - 4 stalls with runs
  • Four 12'x12' stalls
  • Seven 10'x10' stalls with runs
  • Three piped corrals (30' x 60') with weather shelter
  • Extra large corrals available with advanced notice
  • Four horses per pen (maximum)
Kiva RV and Horse Motel 02
Kiva RV & Horse Motel Corral
Kiva Horse Motel Trailer
Kiva RV Horse Motel 07
Kiva Horse Motel 05
Bringing Hay to the Horses at Kiva RV Park
Kiva Horse Motel 02

Horse Motel Rates

You supply the hay and feed your horse(s).

Bosque Del Apache Horse Motel Layout and Pricing

Horse Motel Rates - Pens, Box Stalls, and Box Stalls with Runs

You supply the hay and feed your horse(s).  Additional Bedding is $12/bale (rate subject to change).

Pens 1-3: 50x90

$30.00/horse (up to 4 horses)

Large Pen 1: 120x120

$30.00/horse (up to 8 horses)

Large Pen 2: 100x90

$30.00/horse (up to 6 horses)

Box Stall 1-4:
12x10 Stall

$40.00/horse (1 horse/stall)
Plus $12 for bedding

Box Stall With Run 1-4:
12x10 Stall
12x30 Run

$30.00/horse (1 horse/stall)

Red Stall With Run 1-7:
10x10 Stall
10x20 Run

$30.00/horse (1 horse/stall)

Click here to make a reservation or call us today at (505) 861-0693
Our spaces and horse motel fill up quickly.